Efficient material supply with the item Suspended Conveyor System

When parts take up a lot of space in a small load carrier or can easily become caught up together, the item Suspended Conveyor System offers an ingenious alternative solution. Cable harnesses or mats can be hung up or placed in bags so they can be efficiently moved around for further processing.

Automatic forwarding with a slight incline

Automatic forwarding with a slight incline

A gradient of just 3° is all that is needed to ensure suspended goods travel from end to end under their own weight alone.

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This is made possible by a Conveyor Rail Profile and specially designed Carriage that counteracts canting and self-locking.

The ESD-safe Carriages travel to their removal point along a Conveyor Rail Profile that has a slight gradient. The Carriages are moved by gravity alone and balance out any swaying motion.

Conveyor Rail Profile 6 can be ordered in lengths up to 6000 mm. It features three open Line 6 grooves on the top for fastening it to the cross profiles on a frame with Fastening Brackets 6 D30.

The Conveyor Rail Profile can be integrated easily into transport trolleys or racks built using Profile Tube System D30 and can be fitted at any height.

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item Suspended Conveyor System
item Suspended Conveyor System

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