New products 2021-2

Mechanical engineering and software in perfect harmony! The innovative new item products for autumn 2021 simplify the process of designing work benches and using both cobots and Linear Units. Speed up your planning and achieve better results faster with the latest versions of the item online tools. Give it a try!

You’ll find all the information you need about the brand new item components in our latest New Products catalogue, which you can download as a PDF or read directly in your browser as an e-paper.

Work Bench System

Highly adaptable! Thanks to optimised materials, the new Economy variant provides robust work bench solutions that meet specific needs.

Also new – the Modular Cable Duct Economy creates a safe and tidy working environment under your table, too. The new Drawer Units E are ideal for securely stowing away work materials at your bench. 


Automation System

More equipment! The new item Controller BL 1-04/C offers all the key functions and interfaces in a single compact housing as standard.

Also new – the Parallel Drive Set 6 60 SE60 combines a Linear Unit KGT 6 60 with a Motor at an angle of 180° in a space-saving configuration. The new Linear Guide Rail PS 2-15 results in impressively flat and compact Linear Guides.


Line XMS

User-friendly operation! On the new Profile X 8 80x80 M45-36° - XMS, the opening of the integrated cable conduit is at an angle of 36° to the user. Operating elements can be integrated ergonomically thanks to the M45 clip geometry.

Also new – the Door Stay 8 prevents doors from opening too wide. This slimline stay can be used with doors made from Line 8 profiles and XMS profiles.



Easy integration! item robotics applications provide numerous basic modules for using cobots in production. Designs can be modified quickly in line with your specific requirements.

Also new – whether you are looking to use cobots as mobile solutions or directly at your work bench, the item Building Kit System has the answer. Our example applications can be used as they are or customised without much effort at all thanks to CAD models that are available to download.

You will find all applications here in the customer solutions section.

Online Tools

Perfect benches! With the new item Work Bench Configurator, you can create well-structured work benches and equip them with your chosen accessories in the 3D work area. The intuitive interface guides you step by step through the configuration process. What’s more, you can view and check all changes immediately in 3D.

Also new – the item Engineeringtool can do more than any CAD program. Project-specific QR codes in the documentation and on all components take you to the ProjectViewer, which even displays an animated 3D assembly guide.

All item configurators can be found here.

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